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Virtual camp for grown-ass adults! 

'Cause the last thing you need is another self-help bandaid.

Say bu-bye to self-sabotage, ditch imposter-syndrome & breakup with insecurity! 

Welcome to the last (transformational) course you'll ever need! 

Starts again January 2021!
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On the outside, you’ve got it all together... 

A career that pays the bills, a decent roof over your head, and three different kinds of milk in the fridge: oat, almond, and cow. #WinningAtLife

But on the inside? You do not feel like a winner.

If we peeked inside your mind, home, private life -we'd find some painful shit. Things like...

Frustrating patterns. Habits you’ve tried to change a million times but nothing ever sticks long-term. WTF.

Low confidence. Feeling like a fraud. Second guessing yourself. Crippling insecurity that impacts your love life, relationships, health, career, and paycheck.

Chronic stress. Nervous system: inflamed. Living in a constant state of  reactivity. Tired yet wired. Feeling out of control, overwhelmed, and powerless.

Relationship drama. The kind of #drama that belongs on HBO, not in your real life! State of the Union: in shambles. Near constant tension. Or, you’re dating but you keep attracting crazy bitches and unavailable dudes over and over. Whyyy?

Feeling stuck as fuck. That feeling like: "Life shouldn't be this tough! Why am I always screwing up the one thing I love? If only I could (that magic thing you tell yourself) then I'd finally be happy, ok, successful??!" 


On top of all that inner turmoil?

There’s a global pandemic, lockdowns, quarantine, murder hornets, economic instability, uncertainty, social justice uprisings, protests in the streets, and a major Election coming up! #HungerGames anyone?

It is not easy to feel calm, secure, and confident in times like these... but let's be real. It's not like your life was perfect before March hit like an asteroid... Quarantine intensified what was already there and put a magnifying glass all up in your game.

If you’re nodding your head right now, feeling like, “Yes. One hundred percent. You nailed it. You’ve pretty much described my exact life," it’s because we see you— like really see you. We are holding out the one resource that can make all that a thing of the past— all you have to do is step in.

In 10 weeks, we will guide you through rewiring your brain, beliefs & biology.

Reclaim your sanity, sense of purpose & own your life with confidence, clarity & authentic self-love like never before.
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"Ok, you've got my attention..."

Women. Men. Non-binary. All genders. All humans welcome.

Camp Q is a 10-week online living workshop created by 2 emotional health experts: Star Rose Bond, Licensed Psychotherapist and Ruby Head, Life Coach. Two seasoned professionals with clinical expertise who also happen to be hilarious AF and seriously fun to hang around.

We teach you how to overcome the trauma that has left what feels like a forever stain and create opportunity for transformation, integration and the most radical upgrade of your life. 

We use our proprietary method -combining a trauma-informed approach,  science-backed strategies and a deep understanding of the Biological Landscape- we’ve refined through personal experience, clinical practice and thousands of hours in-the-trenches with our clients. We have that shit dialed down to a science.

We get you the results that have eluded you in the past.

(Camp Q starts January 2021, you in?)

Our Promise:

You will transform more in 10 weeks at Camp Q than 5 years of traditional therapy.

  • This will be the last “transformational” course you will ever need to take to get back to good; everything else will be bonus and ancillary after this course. 

  • We prime you to continue with the deep work, navigate future challenges and be physiologically available for future modalities to be effective and integrative.

  • We know this is a bold claim, and we’ve got the track record of success to back it up.

  • After graduation you'll be accountable for your reality & unstoppable in your quest to have the most incredible life possible -unapologetically bold and authentic AF.

I’m All In! Show Me Where To Enroll

"Really though, why Camp Q & not some other program?"


Thought you'd never ask! 

Have you ever changed a lightbulb, only to have it immediately burn out? The real problem isn’t the bulb. It’s the faulty wiring. 

We teach you how to upgrade your personal wiring. No more bulb burnout. No more backsliding into old patterns. Real, deep, lasting change.

We've got the methods to reset your nervous system, interrupt dysfunctional patterns, and create a new emotional and physiological baseline. Camp Quarantine is specifically designed to heal and correct your Biological Landscape™ so you literally become a new version of yourself on a cellular level... the key to the sustainability of your healing journey.


Hey, hey!

We are your trauma-informed, strategy-obsessed coach and therapist, Star Rose Bond, LCSW and Ruby Christine Head, Co Founders of Camp Q!  

We bring a wealth of clinical experience into our work, along with hard-won lessons from the school of life. 

We believe in your unlimited no matter what you’ve done (or what has happened to you) in the past. We know that every human is not only born worthy but absolutely capable of deep, long-lasting healing.  

We are book smart, street smart, warm, fiercely loving, honest, and real AF.

Star is living proof that you can go through absolute hell ( poverty, sexual abuse, incarceration, toxic relationships, and chronic illness to name a few) and come out the other side thriving, with a dope ass life and genuine self-love. This is the result of a lifetime of deep work—the very work that you will do inside of Camp Q!

Clinical Psychotherapist with a BA from NYU and a MA from Columbia. Star is also a certified yoga teacher, lover of plant medicine, and a forever-curious student in the school of life.  Passionate, authentic, sassy and a total geek for brain science and the sacred. 

Ruby’s mission is to help you live fully alive and reach your full human potential. She’s an expert on handling adversity, building resilience, reprogramming your brain and beliefs, intimacy and relationships and holistic health and wellness. 

BA in Eco Psychology from SSU and 20 years mentoring youth and adults in organizational, non-profit, and wilderness settings. Ruby was a coach back when they called it mentoring. Compassionate, present, luminous and enthusiastic about all things that bring healing, joy and depth to the human experience. 


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Let's break it down a little more, your investment in Camp Q includes:  

10 Live Workshops with cutting edge content + Q&A

A deep dive into our signature material to dismantle trauma, shift your biological landscape, and gain understanding into why you are the way you are and what the heck you can do about it. 

Each session is 90 minutes. Attend live or watch the recording later.

20 Live Group Coaching Sessions 

This is the place to bring your biggest fears, challenges, and breakthroughs. A safe space to share anything that’s going on for you, be heard, get coached, and get relief. 

60 minutes twice a week. Attend live or email your q’s in advance and watch the recording later. 

Integration Time

Halfway through Camp Q, we interrupt our regularly scheduled Monday and throw a BONUS Coaching Q/A. This is a week to catch up if you need, get extra support and give you time to integrate what you’ve learned. We intentionally created space for you to grow with support.

Full on BOMB Support

You get us LIVE with you 3 days a week. Show up for one day or all three.

Post a question inside our exclusive Camp Q FB group, anytime, 24/7, and you’ll get a response from us ASAP (1 day max)! 

- A Private, Confidential, Nothing-Leaves-The Vault Community.  

When you join Camp Q, you sign a pledge promising that you’ll honor our community code of conduct and confidentiality policy. 

You can feel safe, knowing that everything that happens inside Camp Q is completely confidential. We’re like Vegas—what goes on in Camp Q stays in Camp Q. Leave the BS, take the healing.

Lifetime Access

All sessions are recorded and saved for you to enjoy whenever it’s convenient for you. You keep all Camp Q materials for life.

The Official Camp Q Workbook

We’ve poured 30 years of expertise into this virtual workbook. Filled with key Module notes, your Camp Q Integration exercises, tools and practices. The best of everything we know, neatly packaged just for you.

Graduation Gift

We don’t leave you hanging after your life-changing transformation with us! We've got a dope private Camp Q Alumni FB group where we all get to hang out it. AND!  You’ll be invited to continue working with us in our private Alumni Membership, Q Club, with 2 Support Coaching calls a month! You'll also have the option to work with either of us 1:1 (we generally only take on new clients who have been through Camp Q!)

BONUS: 1-on-1 VOXER Coaching

When you enroll before Jan 10th, you get 1-on-1 coaching via Voxer during implementation week. Yeah, so basically 2:1 private coaching, you and us going deep!

It's all about the hardware...    

We’ve been working with clients for decades, honing our methods, and developing tools that work quickly and powerfully. Camp Q is all about our proprietary methods (meaning you won't find this ANYWHERE else!) Here's a little sneak peak into our transformation laboratory!

Scale of Connectivity - The key to relief RFN and creating more of what you want. This one tool, alone, is worth the entire Camp Q investment.

Trust Fall - The number one tool to shatter your limiting beliefs, release the hold of negative thoughts and end imposter syndrome once and for all.

Making A.M.E.N.D.S. - Our research-backed strategy to living life by design, ending your addiction to drama, and creating your personal plan for long-term healing.

Relationship Blueprint - It's not your fault you keep attracting assholes or your relationship feels like a constant roller’s your brain trying to heal. Get ready to break down your current relationship blueprint, how you got it, and how to create a new blueprint (if you want to) (spoiler: you do!)

Energetic Signature - You developed this key feature of your biology when you were a kid, and it sets the tone for your entire life. If your intimacy and close relationships could use an upgrade, this tool will blow you away.

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Pay In Full


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Did we miss something?

Send us an email [email protected] and we'll get you scheduled with a free 1:1 Discovery Session to answer your questions, address concerns and see if Camp Q is a perfect fit for you!